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Wild garlic picking 2022

Hand-picked in Dorset by our Pizzaioli

A longstanding Franco Manca tradition is the annual wild garlic picking pilgrimage, which we’ve been doing since 2015. Every Spring, our pizzaioli set off to Milton Abbey School in Dorset to source seasonal fresh and fragrant wild garlic leaves, which have been naturally cultivated in woodland areas. Wild garlic has a lighter flavour to traditional bulb garlic and can be identified by its pointed leaves and white flowers.

This year’s exploration was extra special as it was the first time the full pizzaioli team could harvest since 2019 and even better, it also meant we could forage more wild garlic leaves.

The team collected 800kg in total, enough to make 35,280 pesto dips. Shoutout to Roberto, our Head Chef in our Stratford pizzeria who picked 63kg kilos of wild garlic!


Following the foraging in the woods, the wild garlic leaves are quickly whisked away to be washed while they’re still fresh. To make our delicious wild garlic pesto, the leaves are blended with olive oil, parmesan cheese, nuts and seasoned with salt and pepper.

The wild garlic leaves are used to create our wild garlic pesto, which makes the perfect dip pairing for any Franco Manca pizza, find them on our main menu.

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