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Wild garlic picking

Handpicked in Dorset by our Pizzaioli

One of our favourite items on our spring/summer menu is wild garlic. Every spring, our team go to the Dorset countryside to forage for this fresh and fragant ingredient. It’s perfect for picking in spring, just before the flowers bloom.

This year, a small team of pizzaioli from our Southampton and Bath pizzeria headed down to hand pick bags of wild garlic, ready to be made into our wild garlic pesto.

A beautiful day of blue skies and sunshine made for perfect picking conditions.

Franco’s Panuozzo made by our pizzaioli Angelo and Andrea fueled a full day of picking, and the team managed to pick 360kg in total!

It was a tiring day…

The wild garlic was taken back to our pizzeria where it is being washed and made into our wild garlic pesto.

Franco Manca wild garlic pesto

Look out for it on our menu in all pizzeria from May.

Franco Manca pizza with wild garlic pesto

One of our new special pizzas with the wild garlic pesto. Look out for our daily changing specials on the blackboard in your local pizzeria or find them here >

Our wild garlic pesto is also the perfect dip for your cornicione (the crust).


Franco Manca wild garlic pestco

Find out more about our ingredients here > 

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